Horse Made
 About the method
General information

Horse assisted education (HAE) is successfully used with business/working teams or with individuals. This method is based on using a horse as a means to give immediate feedback about a person’s approach to leadership.

However, this method is not about horses, it is about people.

Participants have a unique opportunity to simulate leadership and discover their strengths and areas for further development when participating in varied activities and games with horses and following positive feedback. That is the unique advantage of this method.

Leadership skills are expected from a manager who is facing new and unknown situations on a regular basis and who has to respond to them accordingly for his and his team’s benefit as well as the company’s benefit. The daily business routine offers no time for experiment and therefore we act in the best way we know. But are we able to recognize when we should have acted differently?

Horses react faster and more transparently than humans and if a person's leading signals are misleading they patiently wait for clearer instructions. This program offers you a unique opportunity to try new ways of leadership in the safe environment of a workshop.

Open communication has become a general trend. So why not learn it from the best? Horses naturally require high level of transparency, respect, as well as safety and they excel in comradeship and co-operation. This workshop enables you to develop clearer communication based on principles of mutual respect and trust between a leader and his team.