Horse Made
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This two-day workshop is designed for senior management.

A leader has power in his hands and with that come the responsibility to use the power responsibly. A horse, even though a physical being, is often seen as a mythical creature. Senior managers lead real teams in real time to a mystical vision. Do other people share your vision and understand where your leadership is heading?

What will you experience?

By interaction with a horse and the following analysis you will realise what your leadership style is. You will also recognise the advantages of your natural leadership, which will boost your self-confidence. You can safely experiment with different leadership methods: pressure, intensity, respect, praise, and consistency – and also vary the intensity of the methods, which will help you to discover new ways of leading.

What will it bring you?

This workshop will provide you with guidelines for further exploration of your natural leadership potential. You will also experience a new approach to getting the most out of your position and responsible use of power. Based on your own experience this program will help you to incorporate a new approach into your daily life.

Horse Made