Horse Made

„Horse Made was an unforgettable experience for us. It helped us describe the way we approach our tasks as well as each other. It also assured us that we fit well together as a team. This certainly isn’t the last time we will look at each other through horse’s eyes as we want to continue with Horse Made with one of their follow up courses.”

PhDr. Irena Tomešová, Mgr. Martina Zahradníková und Mgr. Zora Fídlerová Národní vzdělávací fond, o. p. s. – CEKAS Projekt-Managerinnen

„You can read a hundred books and not be a good manager, because the essential elements of the art of leadership are not transferable. At the horse assisted workshop I found out that feedback from these animals is much more illustrative and goes deeper into my core than feedback from other people. Words and logical arguments were not applicable. They reacted to my body language and to what my inner person wanted.”

Lubomír Straka, MBA, Air Traffic Control, CR, ltd, Head of the Department for Strategic Planning

“It’s a great way to get experience in leadership. This training has showed me new approaches to management. The training was managed in a flexible way and the whole team actively participated. I appreciated the lecturers’ open approach and also the wonderful place and three beautiful horses, the first horses I had ever met. I can see a big opportunity in this method with results that can be applied to management.”

Antonín Pícha, AISIN EUROPE MANUFACTURING CZECH, s.r.o., subleaders QA